COMBI thread/depth Gage

COMBI Calibration Master and Depth Calibration Procedure

MPH Power thread gage


Did you know we also sell API gages? Contact us for prices on Standard Line Pipe, Non Upset Tubing (NUE), Round Casing, External Upset Tubing (EUE), and Working API Spec 11B Gaging.

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For COMBI style gaging inquiries not from the U.S., Canada & Mexico please contact Leitech Instruments Denmark

The COMBI Gage
A breakthrough in thread depth control

Simultaneously measure thread or cylindrical size and depth with the patented Leitech System - the industry's most innovative breakthrough in thread depth control. With a direct reading depth scale, the cost effective Leitech COMBI and COMBI HI-RESOLUTION plug gages qualify functional size and depth at the same time.


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